We are very proud to announce the change of our firm name to include Ryan Briskin and Lauren Sherman. Under our new name Solomon, Sherman, Gabay, Briskin & Sherman we will continue to aggressively and with much care and concern serve our clients.
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Experienced Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA

$30 Million

For a paraplegic against a train company

$5 Million

For leg and back injuries against a construction company

$4 Million

For leg injuries and scarring against a school bus company

$3.95 Million

For head and back injuries for a pedestrian struck by a car

$2.75 Million

For leg and back injuries against a trucking company

$1.97 Million

Against trucking company for ankle and foot injury

$1.75 Million

Settlement with for man injured after being struck in the head by a brick that fell from a building.

$1.75 Million

For neck and back injuries against a construction company

$1.25 Million

Against trucking company for back and neck injuries

$1.25 Million

For back injuries against a commercial building owner


Settlement for a man rear-ended sustaining spinal injuries resulting in injections and surgery.


Settlement for woman injured after tripping and falling in a parking lot of an auto dealership.


Settlement for a young girl who suffered a spinal cord injury while a passenger in a motor vehicle where the driver lost control, over-corrected, and hit the median.


Award for Bus Company involved in Insurance dispute arising out of property damage from Hurricane Sandy


Settlement for bicyclists injured in Center City, Philadelphia, after being struck by a motor vehicle.


Settlement for a woman who sustained a destroyed home from a fire and had homeowners insurance proceed checks taken by her public adjuster.


For a woman who was a victim of check fraud.


Settlement for a man injured while boarding a public common carrier vehicle when he lost his balance and fell after the vehicle accelerated forward.


Settlement by a vehicle that was obstructed by a legally parked truck injuring shoulder and rib; 2 months of treatment.


Settlement for a woman injured where her leg sunk into an unlit and uncovered manhole existing on a sidewalk.


For a man who injured ankle after tripping over cracked cement in a parking lot.


Settlement for a man who struck his head on metal in front of a business and sustained Tinnitus (ringing in the ear).


For a woman who injured arm after falling on an uneven sidewalk.


Award for a woman who sustained soft tissue injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia.


For a man who injured ankle after slipping on wet grass bordering a commercial parking lot.