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Philadelphia, PA Mass Transit Accident Attorney

A Philadelphia mass transit accident can affect hundreds or thousands of people. The incident can cause bus, train, and other mass transit service delays and traffic jams. Perhaps worst of all, the accident can injure passengers and others.

Those who experience a serious injury during a mass transit accident may be entitled to financial compensation. By meeting with an experienced Philadelphia mass transit accident attorney, these individuals can take the first step toward getting compensation for their injury.

Solomon, Sherman, Gabay, Briskin & Sherman. employs expert Philadelphia mass transit accident attorneys. If you have sustained an injury due to a mass transit accident, let us know. From here, we will work on your behalf to help you get compensation from those responsible for the accident.

Philadelphia mass transit accidents may be more likely than you think

Accidents involving buses, trains, and other mass transit vehicles occur less frequently than car accidents. Regardless, mass transit accidents can cause serious damage. To understand why to consider the following factors:

  • Vehicle size:┬áMass transit vehicles are much larger than cars. So, when a mass transit vehicle is involved in an accident, the damage it causes may be far greater than that associated with a car accident.
  • Speed: A mass transit vehicle provides a fast and efficient mode of transportation. However, trains and other mass transit vehicles can travel faster than cars. When traveling at top speeds, the operator of the vehicle may have trouble stopping quickly. This can lead to a major accident.
  • Seat Belts Optional: People are required by law to wear a seat belt any time they travel in a car. Comparatively, seat belts are optional or unavailable on mass transit vehicles. This means an individual will not have the same level of protection in a mass transit vehicle that he or she would have driven in a car. And, if a mass transit accident occurs, an individual may be susceptible to severe injuries to the head, neck, and other parts of the body.

There are only so many precautions that can be taken while traveling via mass transit in Philadelphia. Even if the operator uses appropriate safety measures, an accident can still happen. Yet, if an accident occurs due to the operator’s negligence or vehicle issues, passengers and others affected by it may be eligible for financial compensation.

When to hire a Philadelphia mass transit accident attorney

There is no need to wait to hire a Philadelphia mass transit accident attorney. Following an accident that causes an injury, reach out to an attorney that specializes in mass transit cases. Then, the attorney can help an individual determine if he or she may be able to receive compensation for their injury.

A mass transit accident attorney can gather evidence to support their client’s claim. If the attorney has concerns or questions, he or she notifies the client. The lawyer encourages their client to share any concerns or questions as legal proceedings get underway, too.

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