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Montgomery County Construction Accident Attorney

Working in the construction industry can put an employee at risk of being harmed in various types of accidents. Research consistently shows that construction workers are more likely to be harmed in work-related accidents than workers in most other fields.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania construction accident? Strongly consider reviewing your case with a Montgomery County construction accident attorney if so. You can likely seek compensation for such losses as your medical bills in these circumstances. However, the insurance company responsible for providing the compensation you may deserve will likely be unwilling to offer a fair payout at first. By hiring our Montgomery County construction accident lawyers at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay, you will have legal professionals on your side who are prepared to negotiate for a fair payout on your behalf.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Montgomery County, PA

Construction accidents can take a wide range of forms. The following are some of the more common:

  • Falls from heights
  • Being struck in the head by items falling from heights
  • Burns
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Trips and falls

The causes of these accidents can also vary significantly from one case to another. Although some of these accidents may result from the negligence of an employer or other such party, it’s important that injured construction workers and their loved ones understand that someone else’s carelessness did not need to have played a role in causing their accident for them to be eligible for compensation.

This is among the many reasons to hire an attorney who specializes in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases when filing a claim. When seeking compensation after an accident that was not work-related, a victim must gather evidence showing they would not have been harmed were it not for the negligence of another party.

Workers’ compensation cases differ from traditional personal injury cases in this way. It doesn’t matter if an accident was the result of negligence when it occurred in a workplace environment. As long as a victim shows that they were injured while operating as an employee, they are generally eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

A Montgomery County construction accident attorney will focus on the aspects of a case that play the most significant role in having a positive influence on the amount of overall compensation a victim may recover. Instead of wasting time trying to prove negligence, they will focus on such tasks as calculating how much compensation a victim may be owed, coordinating with doctors to document a victim’s injuries, handling correspondence with the insurance company, and other such work that is most important when a victim has filed a workers’ compensation benefits claim.

Hire a Montgomery County Construction Accidents Attorney Today

Don’t put yourself at risk of being taken advantage of by an insurer more interested in limiting how much you settle for than they are in helping you secure the full amount of compensation that’s appropriate given your circumstances. Boost your odds of getting what you deserve with the help of our Montgomery County workers’ compensation lawyers at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay. Contact us online or call us at 215-665-1100 to schedule your free consultation today.