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Delaware County Product Liability Attorney

When you purchase a product of any kind, you should be able to trust that when you use it as intended, it will not pose a safety risk. Unfortunately, defective and malfunctioning products cause devastating and life-threatening injuries every day.

If you or someone you love was seriously injured due to a product defect, you may have the right to financial compensation. An experienced Delaware County product liability attorney at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay could help you bring the liable party to justice. Find out more about how much your claim could be worth when you contact our office for a free consultation.

Common Types of Product Liability Claims in Delaware County

Product liability lawsuits can be filed when a consumer purchases or obtains a product that malfunctions and causes serious injury, illness, or death to a victim. Generally, product liability claims in Delaware County can fall into one of three categories: defective product manufacturers, defective product designs, and failure to provide adequate warnings.

Defective product manufactures

In defective product manufacturing claims, there is an issue in the way that the product in question has been manufactured. For example, a bike you purchased may be missing its safety reflectors, or a batch of prescription medications was tainted with a toxic substance. Usually, defective products only affect one or a batch of a particular item, not the entire line.

Defective product design

Defective product designs are inherently dangerous. The malfunction or defect does not come from the manufacturing process and only affects one particular item or batch of items. Instead, the entire line of the product is dangerous without regard to the production process.

Some examples of design defects could include electric blankets that cause third-degree burns when turned on high or SUVs that have been known to roll over during turns.

Failure to provide adequate warnings

Companies have an obligation to provide adequate warnings and instructions about a particular product to use. When the product does not have these warnings or instructions, the company can be held accountable.

Some examples of failure to warn product liability claims could include prescription medications that do not know that they should not be taken in combination with other common drugs or coffee makers that do not warn users of where steam valves and other potentially dangerous parts are located.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Product Liability Claim in Delaware County

If you hope to recover maximum compensation for your product liability claim in Delaware County, you may need to be prepared to file both insurance and civil claims. In the majority of personal injury lawsuits, the defense will have some type of insurance protection.

However, obtaining the compensation you are entitled to through the insurance company may prove difficult or impossible. Anything you are unable to recover through your insurance claim should be sought after through a Delaware County civil lawsuit.

Meet With a Delaware County Product Liability Attorney Today

Product liability claims can be some of the most complex types of personal injury lawsuits across the state of Pennsylvania. When a defective product has caused you significant injuries, make sure you have a highly experienced Delaware County product liability lawyer at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay advocating for your right to total compensation.

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