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Bucks County, PA Product Liability Attorney

Whether we need a baby stroller or a crockpot, we buy products under the assumption that the products are safe to use. However, that is not always the case. Some manufacturers intentionally produce and sell defective products that can cause consumers serious harm. When these faulty products put consumers’ lives in danger, manufacturers need to be held liable for their negligence in failing to produce a safe product. Fortunately, these negligent manufacturers can be held responsible under a product liability claim with the help of a Bucks County product liability attorney.




Different Types of Product Defects

When a consumer becomes injured from a defective product, that consumer can file a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Manufacturers can be held liable for producing three types of product defects. These three defects include:

  1. Design defects. This type of defect is created when an entire product line has been poorly constructed or not adequately tested. When manufacturers make this type of defect, the whole product line is dangerous and defective, instead of a select few products.
  2. Manufacturing defects. This type of defect is created when an error is made during the manufacturing process. When manufacturers cause this type of defect, a select number of products contain the manufactured defect instead of the entire product line.
  3. Marketing defects. This type of defect is created when the manufacturer fails to provide important information like warning labels or safety instructions. Manufacturers are responsible for providing accurate safety instructions and warning labels that can help consumers avoid injury. When manufacturers fail to do so, they can be held liable if they become injured.

Holding Manufacturers Liable With a Product Liability Claim

Like most personal injury claims, manufacturers can be held liable through the legal concept of negligence. In the eyes of the law, negligence is the failure of a party to act with a certain amount of care towards another party. Negligence is based on the presumption that another party in the same situation would have exercised a specific amount of care towards another party.

A car manufacturer, for example, would have appropriately tested a particular line of vehicles before introducing that line of cars to the general public for sale. When another manufacturer fails to exercise the same standard of care, consumers are injured. As a result, that manufacturer can be held liable under the act of negligence.

Who Can be Held Liable in a Product Liability Claim?

Any party involved in the line of retail distribution can be held liable under a product liability claim. Depending on the circumstances, the retailer, the wholesaler, and even the companies who sold the defective products can be held liable for a consumer’s injuries.

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