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Bucks County, PA Catastrophic Injury Attorney

When a person suffers from a catastrophic injury, they will never be the same. The level of independence that a person is used to will be desperately reduced. Family members will have to make difficult decisions like taking on primary caretaking responsibilities. An even more difficult conversation will need to occur when discussing the finances for the victim’s medical experiences. The trajectory of the victim’s life will forever be altered because of the catastrophic injury. However, no amount of money will ever heal the victim from their injury, the negligent parties who are responsible need to be held accountable by a Bucks County catastrophic injury attorney.



Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is an injury that happens abruptly and causes the victim to experience life-changing consequences. More than likely, victims with catastrophic injuries will require medical assistance for the duration of their lives. There are many situations where a victim can succumb to a catastrophic injury, but some of the common causes include:

  • Medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is a form of negligence committed by medical professionals. This act happens when a medical professional fails to perform a reasonable standard of care towards a patient, and the patient is seriously injured. Medical professionals can worsen a patient’s condition and even kill patients due to their carelessness.
  • Horseback riding accidents. Adults and children are at risk of becoming seriously injured from horseback riding accidents. Although there is a hint of danger associated with horseback riding, horse owners and property owners can be held liable for being negligent in caring for horses.
  • Falls. Whether it involves a slip and fall accident or a fall from a height at work, falls can cause victims to experience several types of catastrophic injuries. Some of the catastrophic injuries caused by falls are traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and even paralysis.
  • Sports injuries. Contact from particular sports can cause victims to experience different types of catastrophic injuries. Sports like football, basketball, and cheerleading can cause children and young adults to suffer from various kinds of traumatic brain injuries.

How Can a Bucks County Catastrophic Injury Attorney Help?

Our catastrophic injury attorneys can help fight on behalf of you and your loved one to receive the appropriate compensation you are entitled to recover. Because victims of catastrophic injuries will require medical assistance for the duration of their lives, the compensation that the negligent party must pay is higher. However, the victim must also prove that the negligent party caused the catastrophic injury directly. Our catastrophic injury attorneys are not afraid to take on aggressive insurance carriers; we ensure that you have the proper resources to make a full recovery.

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