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Berks County Car Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a Berks County, Pennsylvania car accident? If so, you may be facing such losses as medical bills, lost wages, and more.

You can pursue financial compensation for these losses by filing an insurance claim. When doing so, strongly consider hiring a lawyer. A Berks County car accident attorney at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay can help you secure the compensation you deserve after a collision.

Berks County Car Accidents: Important Information

Berks County is among the 10 Pennsylvania counties that report the most motor vehicle accidents in our state every year.

This is partially due to the fact that Berks County is also among the 10 Pennsylvania counties with the most miles of local roads and streets. When there are more roads on which to drive in a given county, there are more chances for accidents to occur.

Seeking Compensation After a Berks County Car Accident

Pennsylvania is one of a few states throughout the country that uses a no-fault system in regard to car accidents. In most states, if a negligent party causes a car accident, victims of said accident can seek compensation for their losses by filing claims or lawsuits to collect from the negligent party’s insurance.

That’s not the case in Pennsylvania and other no-fault states. Here, a car accident victim may only take legal action against a careless party responsible for causing their accident if their injuries are so severe they meet a threshold established under Pennsylvania law. A Berks County car accident attorney can help you better understand whether this option is available to you.

Generally, though, Berks County car accident victims will seek compensation by filing claims to collect from their own insurance. Drivers in Pennsylvania are legally required to purchase minimum car accident coverage, which theoretically exists to compensate them after accidents.

How a Berks County Car Accident Lawyer Helps

Although the purpose of car accident insurance in Pennsylvania may be to provide injured victims with a means of recovering compensation for their losses, it’s important to understand that filing a claim does not guarantee a fair payout.

An insurance company operates the same way any other profit-driven business operates. Your insurer’s goal is to minimize financial losses. If you attempt to represent yourself when seeking compensation after a car accident, it’s likely an insurance adjuster will prioritize finding reasons to offer you as little money as possible.

This is why it is very helpful to seek representation from a qualified Berks County car accident law firm. Research shows that when a lawyer negotiates on behalf of an accident victim, that victim’s odds of recovering fair compensation tend to increase substantially. Hiring a lawyer to handle your case also gives you more time to focus on your recovery.

Contact a Berks County Car Accident Attorney Today

Don’t let an insurance company convince you to settle for less than your car accident claim is worth. At Solomon, Sherman & Gabay, our Berks County car accident attorneys are prepared to negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. Get in touch with us online or call us at 215-665-1100 to schedule your consultation and learn more about what we can do for you.