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Premises Liability Attorney

Philadelphia is home to its fair share of colleges. With a new school year in full swing, many students across the city’s campuses will be spending their weekends partying and enjoying the college lifestyle. They must exercise caution when doing so. If you’re a college student, while you can participate in social activities responsibly, you […]

Summer is here. Even in a northern state like Pennsylvania, temperatures during the months of July and August can get quite high. Many choose to cool off during this time of year by visiting public pools, private pools, and water parks. A day at the pool or a water park should be an enjoyable experience. […]

Understanding Attractive Nuisances and Children Injuries in Philly

The last thing that you expect when you allow your children to play outside is that they will be injured due to the careless or negligent actions of a property owner. Unfortunately, injuries to children occur regularly in and around Philadelphia because property owners fail to take steps to secure their premises. As the summer […]