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Essential Tips To Avoid Being Injured In A Drunk Driving Accident

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You can only control your own choices as a motorist. You cannot control the choices others make behind the wheel.

This means it’s possible to be harmed in an accident even if you are a cautious driver who obeys the law. For example, even if you would never drive while intoxicated, because you can’t prevent others from doing so, there is no guarantee you’ll never be injured in a drunk driving accident.

Again, you have no say in whether someone else chooses to drive when they’ve had too much to drink. Luckily, there are various steps you can take along with generally obeying the rules of the road and practicing safe driving habits that could minimize your odds of being harmed in an accident caused by an intoxicated motorist. They include the following:

Not Driving at Night

Statistics indicate that most fatal drunk driving accidents occur between midnight and 3:00 a.m. This is when motorists who have been drinking at bars may get into their vehicles to drive home when they should not be doing so.

Stay out of harm’s way by not driving during these hours. If you absolutely have to, be careful, knowing you might be sharing the road with someone who is in an impaired state.

Keeping Your Distance

It is always wise to maintain at least a car length’s worth of distance between your vehicle and a vehicle in front of you. Even two car lengths is preferable.

This is particularly helpful if you notice a driver in front of you is struggling to maintain their lane, accelerating and braking quickly or without warning, or otherwise driving erratically.

These behaviors might indicate they are drunk. Keep your distance accordingly.

Trying Not to Drive on Holidays

You may not always have the option to avoid driving on popular holidays. However, if you can, attempt to minimize holiday driving, especially at night. Holiday celebrations often involve alcohol, resulting in many drunk drivers being on the road.

Not Telling Others About Police Checkpoints

Sometimes, local police departments will set up checkpoints to ensure motorists aren’t intoxicated. They tend to set up these checkpoints during times when drunk driving is more common, on roads, and at intersections where drunk driving arrests or accidents have occurred in the past.

Don’t make the common mistake of letting family or friends know you saw a police checkpoint at a particular location. The purpose of these checkpoints is to catch drunk drivers. The more word about their location spreads, the less useful they will be. Essentially, if you respect police checkpoints and don’t mention anything to others when you have recently come across one, you could be saving both your own life and the lives of other motorists.

That said, while these tips can reduce your chances of being injured in a drunk driving collision, they don’t completely eliminate the possibility of this happening to you. If it ever does, a Philadelphia DUI accident attorney at Solomon, Sherman & Gabay can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses resulting from your accident. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online today or calling us at 215-665-1100 for a free consultation.