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Philadelphia Driver Kills An Innocent Pedestrian In Nicetown Neighborhood

SSGBS Pedestrian Accident

Popular cities tend to have more pedestrian accidents than other, smaller cities. With the city bustling with traffic, cars need to be on the lookout for pedestrians at all times. Pedestrians are incredibly vulnerable out on the road. Drivers need to be held responsible for their careless and reckless actions resulting in injuries and fatalities. A Philadelphia pedestrian accidents attorney can help victims of pedestrian accidents to secure the compensation they need.

Details About The Case

A thirty two year old pedestrian, Marquina Tull, was left for dead in the streets near the intersection of W. Huntington Park Avenue and 19th Street. An orange Dodge Charger struck her when she was walking through the intersection and the driver fled the scene. Marquina was rushed to the hospital but shortly died after arriving.

The hit-and-run driver’s car was later found on the block of Bustleton Avenue, where they also identified the suspect. Saleem Drummond was arrested and faces four different charges; accident involving death, involuntary manslaughter, reckless driving, and homicide by vehicle.

The Statistics Behind Pedestrian Accidents

According to the latest report from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, approximately 2,831 pedestrians were struck by vehicles. In addition to that, about 146 pedestrian fatalities occurred.

These accidents tend to happen when pedestrians are crossing an intersection, driveway entrance, or mid-block crossing.

About 29% of crash-related pedestrian accidents were victims who were playing, running, jogging, or walking. 6% of the casualties were standing pedestrians. 36% of pedestrians were hit while entering an intersection.

Types Of Pedestrian Accidents And Injuries

Getting struck by a vehicle can leave a victim with severe injuries. Several factors, such as the speed, impact, and the cause of the accident, may determine the severity of the injury. Victims can sustain any of the following:

Pedestrians should feel safe wherever they are walking. They should not have to worry about a vehicle running into them when they least expect it. An accident like that can change someone’s life within seconds.

A pedestrian accident may occur for different reasons, such as a driver:

Let Our Determined Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Come To Your Rescue

With the help of a pedestrian accident attorney in Philadelphia, the victim can rest easy knowing that their case is being handled by someone with experience. A skilled lawyer will use their time and energy to pursue evidence that will prove the claim. They will gather photo or video surveillance footage, eyewitness statements, and police reports.

If you or a loved one needs a Philadelphia pedestrian accident attorney, reach out to us immediately by calling 215-665-1100 or clicking here. We will not stop until we secure the compensation you deserve.