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Careers in Which Severe Burns are Common

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Many jobs across the United States of America come with inherent risks. Those risks may include anything from a high probability of a fall to the constant threat of getting an appendage stuck in a moving machine. What is common across all these jobs, despite their differences, is that workers may have a worker’s compensation case should they experience an injury while at work.

One of the most common forms of injury experienced by workers is burning. Contrary to common belief, serious burn injuries can happen in a wide range of industries and job titles. What is most important, however, is that people working in these industries understand the risks while also being aware of their options after experiencing a serious injury. Call Solomon Sherman & Gabay today to learn more about your legal options after experiencing a burn while on the job.

Welders and Metal Handlers

The first example of a job title that is prone to burn injuries is welders. Welders are constantly burning and smoldering metal for the industrial needs of the American economy. From car parts to hand railings, welders are needed across Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to enhance goods that are used by everyday citizens.

With such physical demands comes many risks, however. Welders are prone to burns as they are constantly working with high degrees of heat every single day. Legal firms see welders and other types of industrial laborers experiencing burns while on the job on a consistent basis, calling the need for a robust legal support system for individuals in this field.

Pennsylvania Plant and Industrial Workers

Industrial plants and other factory workers are also incredibly prone to burns. Chemical burns, electrical burns, and those produced from machinery are at the forefront of worker injuries in these environments. This is another common job title in which worker compensation cases are common and anticipated after a life-changing injury occurs. It is important to remember that when choosing to move forward with a worker’s compensation case that all factors are considered – including one’s ability to perform labor and make income in the future.

Foodservice Workers

Another extremely common (but oftentimes overlooked) area of work that is prone to extreme burns is foodservice. Those who have worked as anything from a barista to a food truck worker understand the risks of working with consumable goods. Hot liquids, open flames, scalding kitchen appliances, and more have the ability to severely injure workers using them.

Determining Liability in a Case of Severe Burns in Philadelphia

The first question that we are asked as a firm is who is liable in a case of serious injury that has occurred on the job. While your case must be reviewed and considered by legal professionals, Solomon Sherman & Gabay can assure you that we fight relentlessly to get the compensation that our clients deserve.

If you or a loved one has experienced a severe burn while on the job, contact one of our Philadelphia worker’s compensation attorneys today for speedy, professional help with all of your legal matters. This is the most sure-fire way to ensure a successful claims case. Call our team today at 215-665-1100 for a free consultation where you will speak with a representative about your options moving forward.